Basic Steps To Start Processing Payments Online

  • Step 1
    1. Select A Payment Service Provider

    We offer you a complete solution for accepting internet payments in real time by credit/debit cards via an internet web browser. Our certified PCI DSS Payment Gateway is a secure link between your paying customers and the bank. More

    What We Can Do
    • Provide a full range of technical solutions
    • Take care of security and fraud protection
    • Give you competitive rates
    • Excellent technical support
    • Integrate and host a fully secure Payment Page matching your website design
    • Provide great management tools, a Virtual Terminal for manual transactions, reports, automatic notifications and more
  • Step 2
    2. Open A Merchant Account   

    To trade online you need to open a Merchant Account, a specialized bank account that allows you to accept online payments from debit and credit card transactions. More

    What You Need To Know
    • Funds are transferred regularly to your normal business account as per agreement with your PSP or bank. We can transfer funds daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly based on your needs
    • You need a Payment Gateway to connect your website with the bank to process payments. We can offer you a state-of-the-art Payment Gateway
  • Step 3
    3. Integrate Your Website With A Payment Solution

    You need to integrate your website with a payment platform. We can fully assist you during this process providing easy-to-follow documentation, a testing site and technical support. Once integration is verified you are ready to go live. More

    Some of the technical solutions you receive:
    • SEO marketing services to help your website gain a prominent presence on Google and other search majors
    • A secured payment page tighly integrated with your website to look completely yours
    • A Virtual Terminal to execute manual transactions such as phone sales and refunds
    • Access to all your pending and settled transactions
    • Transactional reports and statements
    • Automatic notifications
    • Integration with smartphone and tablets
    • 3-D Secure (An additional security layer for online transactions)
    • Secure Card Storage (For recurring billing and other applications)





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